Thursday, 29 October 2015

Trick or treat....

Pumpkins grown at the Beth Chatto Gardens - the real thing - Thanks Emily!

There's no avoiding Haloween... whether you want to get all grumpy ('it's not British, too many noisy kids, it's just to make money etc etc) or embrace it, I think if we get it right and use it to get creative then it can only be good, particularly at the end of the half-term holiday. So it's great to see Colchester make a weekend of it - shame I'm in Glasgow (yes, having a great time thanks). Get along to see the town hall like you've never seen it before!

Song?  'October' from the Album of the same name. U2. Look, they were a great band. Just seeing some Youtube footage of their latest tour, I'd say they're still a great band.

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