Thursday, 1 October 2015

Too Late Now...

Holli asked me to mention Nick Mitchell for the striking hair styling in her publicity
Well, just got back from town to get Mrs. Blogger's supper on the table, so I couldn't stay to see much of Holli Dillon at the Waiting Room tonight. But if you were put off  'Comedy' by unfunny, four-letter diatribes pretending to be 'edgy', then give the Colchester Comedy festival a go! - Holli was quirky, energetic, not rude, .... oh, and funny. And in Verse. And yes, the glitter's still everywhere!
Holli (right) is pictured with Ruby Dillon (centre) and Ivy Dillon. Also appearing were Jamie Weston and Jo Fletcher-Cross. Thanks to all. Please catch the last weekend of the Comedy Festival - I'll be at the Mercury Saturday - please say Hi!

And other things you missed....The wonderful Joe Stilgoe at Liquid, part of the RomanRiverFestival, and Elena Urioste, marvellous American violinist over here as musician in residence for RRF. You can catch her for just £6 at Stoke by Nayland this Sunday.... So don't miss it!

The Waiting Room tonight - great beer great Laughs, and the sparkle's still not coming off my jacket but who cares..

And if you missed it - buy the CD  - Joe Stilgoe New Songs For Old Souls - hes's kept this blog going tonight! Check out Colchester Classics - selling a great range of music from RRF musicians!
 With huge thanks to Tom Poster, Morgan Szymanski, Fenella Humphreys, Sacconi Quartet and of course Joe Stilgoe

Sorry - forgot the song - watch this from Joe -great artist - his chosen form means perhaps we don't appreciate it as we should.

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