Monday, 12 October 2015

Dancing to the beat...

Anna Coogan rocks Little Rabbit Barn
Look, I warned you, (and if any of you were there, Hi!) but some of the best local arts gigs are almost hidden. And amongst the best is Little Rabbit Barn - ok you have to get out to the back country sort-of Ardleigh way, but the music is brilliant (forget the Americana tag, it's just great music). Anna Coogan was (as usual) sold out this Saturday. Only two chances left this year - book now!
Local music heros Jonathan Rabett and David Booth
Another thing I love is great contemporary dance - and it visits Colchester too rarely (the BalletBoyz making a welcome appearance from time to time), so don't miss Ballet Black ,with an exciting contemporay programme at the Mercury Tuesday. Click here to book - see you there!
Photo courtesy Ballet Black and the Mercury Theatre

And talking of dance, here's Annie's Fantasies, our local clog-morris side, dancing at our new home at Roman Circus house sunday- we'll be there next sunday as well, 11 a.m., if you'd like to join us come along.

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