Friday, 9 October 2015

I'm begging you...

Thanks to Firstsite and our musicians Paul and Julia McCann and Terry Craig

Look, I know I've cajouled you to get out there and support live Arts in Colchester, but this one's personal. Mrs. Blogger, the wonderful Linda Mahon-Daly MBBS of this parish, loves to dance. And her Morris dance group Annie's Fantasies, needs new members, No experience necessary as they say...practices on Sundays, and we have an open practice for anyone who would like to try this on 11th October, Roman Circus House. Please share this with everyone.....come and dance!

And today's tune? - I'm Beggin' You - Supertramp - bizarre, but we do dance in red and black...



 Dr Linda Mahon-Daly demonstrates the 'Joe Stilgoe Boogie' in her slippers!  If you want to try this at home get the album from Colchester Classics. Bloody brilliant!

Annie's Fantasies dance with Alive and Kicking at the Sheringham ' Lobster Potties' festival this summer. Great Gig!

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