Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Thank you for the music...

A heartfelt thanks to all at Roman River Music for encouraging and supporting me to blog the Festival. In particular Victoria and Orlando, who had the strange notion I might be helpful.  You know where I am guys, if I can be of further help, just call. And all the other volunteers who hardly batted an eyelid when I turned-up uninvited. And my new friends in the green shirts, talking of which, how about a caption competition?
What is Brian saying that makes Wendy laugh, and Bob cover his ears?

To Elvis Costello  'Green Shirt' of course

And what did the traffic cone say to the little blue cone? (or vice-versa)
And if anyone read the excellent Roman River Festival programme to the end, what about your 5 books on landscape - perhaps mine are a bit more internal than Orlando's -
Wilderness Tips  - Margaret Atwood
England, England - Julian Barnes
The Big Walks - Ken Wilson and Richard Gilbert
Notes from a small Island  -Bill Bryson
This Luminous Coast - Jules Pretty - highly recommended

How about a RRF 'Fringe' -could call it 'Streams of Consciousness'!

On that note time for another song - The Shirelles 'Stop the Music' - have a good party thurs, sorry can't be there!

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