Saturday, 10 October 2015

Finding an angle....

Although on holiday, I've been tirelessly seeking out Art for Colchester. So this is the Key Theatre in Peterborough (oh yes, I have sought out exotic places on this holiday...).  Eastern Angles has long been one of the best theatre companies, tirelessly touring East Anglia from their Ipswich base. I caught one of their current touring productions in Peterborough yesterday (the lengths I go to to research this blog for you...). Parkway Dreams is about the development of our New Towns, based on Peterborough (which I find an interesting place , the cathedral a not-so-hidden gem).
Combining Political History, Social history, and personal stories, it is witty and entertaining, if a little overlong.

Of course your hard-hitting blog is keen to get a scoop, so I blagged my way into the Civic reception pre-show, and got this picture of Artistic Director Ivan Cutting (right) with the Deputy mayor of Peterborough, Nazim Khan (left), and Eastern Angles Development and Communications manager Karen Goddard.
This great theatre is at the Mercury Studio 23rd and 24th Oct - catch it!
Eastern Angles are also touring another show 'Jane Wenham the Witch of Walkern' which may be near you next week.
Song ...Strange Town - the Jam - Classic, still got the 7-inch vinyl...

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