Monday, 19 October 2015

Live Poet's society

Whales mother and calf by Stephen Henderson
A flying visit to the Sentinel Gallery in Wivenhoe revealed some lovely sculptures and vibrant paintings, all well worth checking-out. Two good opportunities this week to combine the gallery with some poetry, as PoetryWivenhoe has a performance on Thursday at the British Legion on the quay, and Sentinel themselves host one of their very popular poetry evenings on Saturday. If you want to get along to that I suggest you book pronto. Shan't see you there - I'm off to Glasgow for 10 days, but by the wonders of technology this blog will keep writing itself!

Figure in Time, and Autumnal Dance, by Lucy Lutyens, and Flowers on Violet by Arabella Shand

Todays song form the album 'The Poet' by Bobby Womack. One of the greatest soul singers, sadly died last year. Enjoy!

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