Sunday, 4 October 2015

So long...and thanks for all the fish..

No, sorry, not the end of the blog, but the end of the Roman River Festival. So last chance today, weather set fair, to get out to Stoke-by-Nayland for the concert at 4pm. I think it will be tremendous fun! Sorry I can't be there, I'm off for a well earned break in exotic Northamptonshire. Don't worry, the blog will continue by remote control, and I'll even get the chance to check out more art heading for Colchester.
Stoke-by-Nayland church

Allow time for a walk and a good look at this beautiful church, maybe lunch at the Crown, although I think it will be pretty packed, perhaps something after the concert?

Great show at the Mercury 'The Smallest Show on Earth' - make sure you catch it this week. And you can enjoy the songs on a cd available from Colchester Classics.
This show, like all modern musical theatre, relies on great technical skill, mixing the sound from over 20 sources. Sound design for this show by Andy Johnson, Robert manning the sounddesk Saturday. Many thanks, and to the Mercury management for permission to take this photo. Your blog goes places your  average Arts blog fears to tread!

Music? well, buy the CD mentioned above! but listen to this from, of course, 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' Douglas Adams thank you.

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