Monday, 21 September 2015

Angel, Angel of...Copford

Maybe I'm supposed to be blogging about the Roman River Festival music, but food just keeps getting it the way. Plus Celia Crossley is writing much better about the music than I could. And if you really want to know what it was like - come along! Many concerts still have tickets available. Of the many angels on show at Copford yesterday Anne, Heather and Barbara were very popular for their stunning range of cakes. At least one RRF volunteer appeared to have two pieces on her plate! But the unexpected display of baking prowess reminded me that the Festival, despite the increasingly stellar performers, is still rooted in the community and local people are proud to help out at these events.
Anyway, a day off for audiences today, but not for your intrepid blogger, who found himself behind W&G where official RRM 'Angel' Brian Bolton was finally able to remove a large obstacle to the St George's Hall concerts.
to here...
From here....

using this...
 With huge thanks to Ed of Empire Pianos, and John, Tony and Pentlis of Knightbuild. And of course our own RRM Angels.

Ed's more usual van contents. Familiar shape, but I never realised it would go in on it's side! So about the music? how about this couplet 'It was a cold and damp September day/when we touched the ground behind WillieG' - could be a song in there somewhere I think.

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