Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The Sound of Silence

Yer actual Roman River
All quiet at the piano 

So no actual music for us punters at  the Roman River Festival today, but of course there's lots to do - you could check out the Minories where John Doubleday's work is on display. When I spoke to John in Manningtree last week he was very excited about the conjunction of the Minories, Firstsite and Roman River Festival, so why not get along to all 3? The world premiere at Firstsite on Friday still has tickets - see you there, and don't forget the pre-concert talk with Anthony Roberts and John Doubleday. I'm looking forward to it.
courtesy John Doubleday
St Martin's

And there's also tickets for Amaia Azcona Cildoz soprano and MorganSzymanski guitar at St Martin's Wednesday. There's a theme of place, and musical response to place, running throughout the festival and it will be interesting to hear how different this Spanish and South American music is to the very English songs sung by Sally Matthews at Copford last Sunday.

The Sound of Silence

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