Sunday 20 September 2015

Song sung blue....

Is song the most relaxing, easy-on-the-ear, expression of music? Two different singers either end of this week, different genres, both, well, without damning with faint praise, just so easy to listen to. And accompanied by just one instrument. Sally Matthews at Copford for Roman River Festival today was at first overpowering and a little scary, an international opera star in a comparatively tiny space (compared to yer average Opera House). But soon she relaxed into subtlety, without losing the punch. Quite Brilliant. And I was contemplating the role of Accompanist - Simon Lepper (pictured above, he's the nervous-looking one - with good reason) - you are concentrating on the voice, so the role of accompanist is to accentuate that, while at the same time adding rhythm, harmony and colour. Both Simon and Adriano (below) were quite excellent.
Helen Connelly (pictured with Adriano Gangarosa at Slack Folk) sings with equal power, but in a jazz/blues influenced vein. She will be singing at Beth Chatto Gardens next Saturday. Tickets just £10, on-line or on the door. See you there!
With thanks to Neil Diamond, and, apparently, Mozart. Google it!

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