Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Star Struck.....

Great music-makers at the Moot hall Sunday - Tom Chippendale (Tenor) Roderick Earle (Musical Director Colchester Chamber Choir) John Furse (composer) and Mark Bellis (composer and Colchester Institute).
For me the one of the best things about the Roman River Festival has been getting to talk to so many music makers. For the most part they are pleased that people are interested in the music, and are happy to explain about the music, their instruments, technique....etc etc - I admit to usually being out of my depth after a few seconds! When a musician described the notation as 'like wallpaper' I didn't want to admit it all looks like wallpaper to me, just with different patterns of dots. I'm afraid I don't know my A flat from my D sharp!

More great Music Makers at Layer Marney Tower last night.Tom Poster and Elena Urioste are joined by Royal College of Music students Camellia Johnson (clarinet) and Jane Lau. Plenty more great music from Elena Urioste and young musicians at the Festival Finale at Stoke By Nayland this Sunday - get there if you can! - tickets only £6.

Dee (Dee) Sharp

A Flat

Today's Music - well it has to be 'Mashed Potato Time' by Dee Dee Sharp. Enjoy!

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