Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Come to Town.....

I hope she's amused by the organ (and the Choir)

You don't need me to tell you what the Roman River Festival has in store over the next week in Colchester. I can't get to all the gigs (Saturday night I've got my own here at the Beth Chatto Gardens), but try to get to something. Moot Hall, Sunday 5 pm, seems a good choice if you haven't heard the newly-restored organ (and our wonderful Colchester Chamber Choir) . Lovely timing too, a day in the garden and/or a lazy lunch, take in the concert, maybe a beer afterwards (Queen St Brewhouse for me I think), then home for supper. And if you do enjoy something this week, tell everybody! We need to get across what a vibrant place Colchester is....and of course the old adage of  'use it or lose it' applies.

It's important to get the lighting so the musicians can read the music!

St Martin's is an atmospheric jumble and a great venue - I popped in to catch the first half of the Amaia Cildoz (on the right)and Morgan Szymanski (seated) Concert - wonderful! - this is my scene Orlando, something eclectic, unknown...but it rocks! More please!  I couldn't stay long - had to get home to get the hard-working Mrs. Blogger's supper on the table - someone has to pay for all this art and my broadband connection! Why not drop in tomorrow evening to catch the Chamber Choir there at 9 pm? (nice to see a few members in the audience).

Today's song  - just click on the title to play (clever eh!)
- Come to Town by the wonderful Blackdoghat - hoping to tempt them up to Colchester some time! OK actually the song is 'Just for the Hell of it' because there is no easily link for 'Come to Town' - I wrestled with this for some time, even contacted John (half of Balackdoghat) who said 'Yes, need to sort this out'. Sorry! Which brings me to the last bit... Buy the CD! Musicians such as Morgan don't make a fortune, and rely on sales of cds to make ends meet.  so if you enjoyed the gig, and want to keep music live, Buy The CD. I know that sounds like a paradox...
Sorry, should have credited Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel for yesterday's song.

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