Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Doors open for the Roman River festival...


So it's time for the musical whirlwind that is the Roman River Festival. The festival shows what can be achieved with passion, energy, hard work and a willingness to build contacts and exchange ideas. Exciting venues include iconic Colchester places like Firstsite, the Castle, St Peter's church and, maybe less known but just as interesting, the Grand Theatre (aka Liquid). Not to mention the hidden hall of St George's. More about all of these in future blogs. With the festival expanding in recent years it has spread beyond the eponymous river (which flows under the bridge at the bottom of my road). So I'm really looking forward to the concert at Abberton church this Saturday. Solo violin in a small country church which is definitely in the Roman River valley (although it overlooks the reservoir which is a much more modern addition). A wonderful start to the weekend, and just a cycle ride from the bustle of  Colchester. That is one of the most wonderful things about this festival - it encourages you to explore, not just musically but physically as well! See you there (inexplicably there appear to still be tickets available - I suggest you book now).
A peaceful view this morning. Looking forward to Fenella Humphreys, solo violin.

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