Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Where the suburbs met Utopia

Colchester is just bursting with 'hidden' art - the humble aim of this blog is is to make it just a little bit less 'hidden'. The CO3 gallery opened a couple of years ago in Shrub End road (CO3), and it is a hive of creativity, with shows, courses and events. That's what happens in Colchester - want an outlet for your art? - then make one! - and at the same time encourage others through courses, studios and exhibitions. So hats off to Angella and Richard Horner.  I just popped in to the selling exhibition of Angella's work....she explained to me that she found it therapeutic to put all her works on the walls and decide which direction she wanted to go in ...and sell the rest! Her new works in oil are ethereal and expressive. Her studios are a real hub for locally based artists.. here is Angella (middle) with Sue Pownall and Mike Murtagh.

With thanks to CO3 Gallery 90 Shrub End Road. CO3 is leading the Big Draw at Firstsite 25th October. Thanks to the Pet Shop Boys for the title!

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  1. It was a pleasure to see you here this evening, Ian. Thank you for helping to spread the word and making art accessible to as many people as possible! We love your description of what we are trying to achieve here in the Gallery and Studios. We have met hundreds of "Colchestrians" who find art uplifting, adding value in their lives and creating goodwill.